Personal Development Companion?

Are you aching to live your life at a whole new level?

You want happiness and success to be part of your everyday LIFE?


A personal development companion is similar to a “life coach”, but is also quite different!

A person such as myself does not direct nor coach the development of my clients, rather I learns about him or her by listening and truly learning about who he or she is.

As your Personal Development Companion, I will then share with you what I have learned from my own experiences and pass on the wisdom gained, acting as a catalyst to you forging your own path rather than follow my “truth”.

This may seem like a small nuance but the results are astounding. Just as we all need a mirror to see our own face, I serve as a mirror that reflects your deeper self and who you can become.

This PDC-Client relationship is a non hierarchical one where dominance and superiority are non existant, therefore this very natural flowing method of guiding allows the room and freedom for open-mindedness and humility which in turns increases the chances of you  discovering your path of happiness and success.

 If you are interested in my services, whether it in the form of personal development companion, conferences, or retreats, please email me at nikolai at(@) and I will be more than happy to share whatever I can with you.