Getting to know Niko

Nikolaï is definitely considered by many as “an original”.

To say that he has walked his own path in life is the least one might add.  From a mind-blowing family background to an out of the ordinary childhood and upbringing, highly educated and an encyclopedia of information, Nikolaï brings a humble yet confident manner to everything he does, and he inspires and connects deeply with almost everyone he meets.

Whenever he was told he couldn’t, he did! When he was told he was out of his mind, he carried on. And after succeeding, he was not afraid to change, to the surprise of everyone. And after succeeding once more, he failed violently, allowing him the oppurtunity to rise up stronger.

Born in Quebec city, he spent his childhood and teen years in California, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. After having knee reconstructive surgery and numerous shoulder separations while playing junior hockey in Canada, he still managed to make it to the professional ranks. But minor professional hockey would not end up being what he had dreamed it was.

Letting go of his hockey dreams, he finished his college education and became an entrepreneur, launching his first business at the age of 22. At this time, while most were just graduating from university, he already had a client list filled with Olympic and professional athletes, and was considered a rising star in the areas of preventive medicine, physical training, nutrition, and sports psychology. After 6 years, his companies had succeeded beyond his wildest dreams raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars, even allowing him the liberty to sell off shares to experienced investors. However, shortly after an exponential expansion of his business operations, everything he had built slowly lost momentum and ended up losing all its business. In the process, he lost everything.

But as the Phoenix falls into a burst of flames, it rises up bigger and stronger. And did he ever!

This critical time in his still young life served as a sort of epitome for him, a period of intense soul-searching and retreat from the hectic routine of society. Locked away in a mountain monastery, he pondered his life in silent retreat eventually reconnecting with his true nature, his spirit, and realized his purpose, true passions and strengths. He also discovered the things and people who were not only truly important to him but also who treated him with the same devotion and loyalty. As he says, “It is when you fail so violently, depressed and ashamed, that your true self is revealed and you discover the awareness to free your purpose in life”.

A visionary was born. After founding the non-profit personal development network International Society of Exceptional Leaders, he also started the Dare to Achieve Foundation (focused on inspiring kids and teens to discover their gifts and talents, all the while guiding them to follow their dreams). All of the projects that he participates in are now aligned with his deep core values of knowing your true nature, staying loyal to your natural passions and ultimately living a life in service of the well-being of the people around you.

As a mentor, an author and a public speaker, Olympic and professional athletes trust him with their performance development, C.E.O.’s lean on him for his compassion and understanding and normal everyday people striving for happiness and success read and listen to his every word. But he reminds everyone to remember that he is only human, to not follow his path but to learn from it so that each person may discover, when they are ready, their own unique path in life.

Considered a master of living, a sensei in the art of humility and a teacher of being whole, he inspires many because he shares his message and experience with anyone who wishes to listen, as he continues to live a humble life of simplicity in the countryside of Quebec city with his wife and son.  – written by Romeo Labrecque