Awakening to your leadership

Awakening Leadership Whether you have met me many times, heard me speak on various occasions, read some of the articles I have written or if this is only the first time you’ve read anything having to do with the teachings I share, the one central point emanating from everything I teach is that every living person can be a leader, starting right now!

To understand what I mean by the word “leader”, please read this article: Redefining Leadership.

It might appear at first glance to believe such power about yourself is arrogant, but this is not the real reason you do not believe that you are a leader. You prefer to believe that you cannot exert real influence in your life, in the lives of others, and on the world around you, because you are afraid of how much of a wave you might actually create. Awakening Leadership

Unfortunately, in the previous era of civilised society, we were conditioned to be what I call “company-men”. We were told that if we just fit in, shut up, work hard and be patient, the “Man” would give us a raise, a promotion and a better retirement. We were told not to make too much noise; otherwise society would slap the monikers “hippy”, “revolutionist” and even “rebel” upon us. But this is not about a political viewpoint nor is it about labeling people. It is about regaining control of the power vested upon you; your personal power to live a fulfilled and meaningful life that transcends these egoistic and material-based valuations that we have permitted to be placed upon ourselves just for the continual enrichment and empowerment of the slave-masters and rulers of old.

Alas, we no longer live in that world. We are now in a world of interconnectivity and empowerment. Nearly 1 billion people have a Facebook account, an even greater amount of people have access to the internet. Women and minorities have equal rights (or quite close to it depending on what region of the world you live in) and for the most part, slavery and caste-systems are fading away.

For me, this is the era of the “leader”. It is time to get out of the social conditioning past down to you through your parents generation and the generations before them. Be not afraid of how great your life can be and feel not guilty about standing out of the crowd. For to believe that you cannot exert real influence, despite not holding a position of “title” nor power, is just fear. Now, hiding behind this fear might alleviate awareness of the guilt, but at the cost of perceiving your life as impotent. If you are to believe that your life, your thoughts and your actions are ineffectual, you may indeed cease to be afraid of what or who you can be, but you are hardly likely to respect yourself and others. Please listen to me when I state this, “there are no idle thoughts, no powerless people; we are all capable of being leaders”. Every person produces form and influence at some level.

I am Powerful - LeaderThe first step to awakening to your leadership is to shatter the old thoughts that to be a leader, to stand out and stand up, is arrogant and forbidden. Do not let other condescending “unauthentic leaders” make you feel guilty and fearful; they are just trying to keep their artificially maintained power. Being a leader has nothing to do with political stature, a “privileged” title or with someone’s background and accomplishments. To not realise that you are powerful and that you are a leader is insane thinking. Would you excuse insane behaviour on your part by saying you could not help it? Hell no! So why do you continue to excuse your insane thinking? You seem to believe that you are responsible for what you do physically, but not for what you think. But the reality of the matter is that you are responsible for what you think, because it is only at this level that you can exert choice. What you do physically comes from what you think. You cannot separate yourself from this truth by giving autonomy to your body.

Change what you think. Start thinking that you are a leader! Your actions will therefore act out in accordance with this, and they will then lead you to believe that you are a leader after all. This is where true faith arises. Faith is a by product of evidence and proof. I ask of you not to believe my every word, rather go out into your life and give it a try. Do not have faith in me or in the teachings I share, experiment them and allow the build up of your own faith. Start thinking that you are a leader, be a leader! Do not feel guilty for believing this and for proclaiming it, this fear is just the egoistic projections of other people who are afraid that by you gaining power, they will lose some of their own. But, as a leader, you will now come to understand that an authentic leader does not lead by taking the power of others, he leads by creating other leaders and by spreading power because he knows that there is plenty to go around. He knows that if we are truly interconnected as quantum physicists say, then by empowering others we are ultimately empowering ourselves, and that by empowering ourselves we are ultimately empowering others. This is the paradoxical “win-win” reality of life that we are now only slowly realizing. Be a leader!

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Nikolaï RAY, personal development companion and leadership 2.0 specialist
Mentor | Author | Speaker
Founder of the International Society of Leaders
Founder of the Dare to Achieve Foundation
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