Thank God It’s Monday – I am responsible for how I perceive the world

So many people associate Mondays with “back to work” and “dreadful”. Ultimately, how you CHOOSE to perceive Mondays and the rest of your life is your responsibility. We have allowed ourselves to be conditioned to believe that Mondays “suck” and Fridays are awesome, but why? Maybe we hate our lives and our jobs or maybe we are just a bunch of sheep.

Nonetheless, one of the keys to happiness and success through personal leadership is recognizing that we are responsible for how we perceive, label and ultimately feel about everything and anything.

So, I invite you to enjoy Mondays from now on, change your perception of this day that is just another day. Rather, it is not “just another day”, it is another chance to live life on fire and walk this wonderful path of discovery that we call life. I, for one, cherish this Monday as a truly special day, just as I do every Monday!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Nikolaï RAY, personal development companion and leadership 2.0 specialist

Please let me know what you think or if you have anything to add

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