Everytime I look up at the sky – spoken word poetry

I know why I wanna be a better man in my life

For my child and for my wife, I strive to soar high

But when the time comes you know that I’ll be the last one

First in, first out, you get in what you put out, not just heart not just head

At night when I come home, So happy i am to lay with her in bed


Oh how I dread when that day will come

To mourn is to fear  all that must be done

But yet i know again the sun will rise, my sun will shine, her eyes are fire, light up my spark,

im her sire and she’s my heart all that i desire


Is it wrong to truly wanna be the best that i can be

How is one to live a life without purpose, without dreams

Put me in a box, i’m just another square in a round peg

You propose to simply cut off my leg?


How bout I let you confiscate my passion

I’ll be 40 years old and boy i’ll come down crashin

Society call it mid-life,

i call it a heart stabbed by a big knife


Cut up my soul

burn down my flow

forever i’ll be an empty hole


Conformity is much more controllably,

but actually

life is about creativity


Uniqueness is key to happiness

no stress,

when that day comes and you reminisce,

what is it that will be left

How will you be remembered,

by the way you dressed,

or how much you impressed

Believe me money aint by what you be blessed,

its just a superficial vest

but now i ask you to undress,


show your heart and soul

unless you wish to rot

believe me ostentation takes its toll

keeping up with the jones is why you decide to stay on the payroll

At night its dark and boy it gets cold

Will she be at your side,

yo this aint no roll call

Winter, summer, spring and fall


Four seasons alike the world rotates and swirls

but things don’t change

God’s children still sitting in the rain,

day and night begging for some change


Passerbys simply ignore their cries for help

with an eye of disgust and mistrust

But that begger could be you probably so true,

what separates me from you


A bank account,

a large house,

vacation in the south,

college education


I live from my heart

and create beautiful art

knowing that true passion

is our separation

Our segregation

is the realization

that life is not just,

in god you trust


but the rich manipulate the rules

They set up our schools

and teach us to become robotic fools

to feed their fuel for more


In life,

my dad told me when I was young,

that the goal was to soar As high as a bird in the sky,

up to the sun


dont ever let anyone tell you that you can’t fly

If you fail get up and go for another try,

don’t be afraid to smile and cry

You can do anything you want as long as you believe and persevere

Simple as 1,2, 3 heed full steem ahead be not afraid to overcome your fear

You are all that you can be, yes, go out my son, live out your dreams

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Nikolaï RAY, personal development companion and leadership 2.0 specialist

Mentor | Author | Speaker


Please let me know what you think or if you have anything to add

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