Giving and Receiving

“The value of a man is in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving” – Einstein

I had an epiphany today; one of the biggest obstacles to happiness and success, whether it be in life, relationships or business, is that people in general are more than willing to receive but very rarely are they willing to give.

Until we, as individuals, can become aware of this cosmic dance that is the founding pillar of happiness and success, we will continue to search for these conditions and wonder why “the other guy” is so happy and successful.

I had read countless passages and books that proclaim the primal importance of giving more than you receive and business books profess that in order to become successful, you must give more than you promise to give; promise less, deliver more.

As I sit here at my desk in the countryside, one might say that I am not the same man that I was, say 2 years ago. A part of me died, and I have been reborn. I use to be a true capitalist and a success-hungry entrepreneur. Now, I live a simple life where I focus much more on sharing all that I have to share with people, happy to charge minimal amounts of money, even sometimes for free, so that I may live a life based on giving more than I receive, as this is where I have uncovered true success and profound happiness.

I recently decided to launch a pilot project, a global coaching program where I offer myself to a handful of people, free of charge. For up to 3-4 months, I am willing to spend a couple of hours a week listening to each of them and accompanying them towards a life of fulfillment, purpose and passion, based on their path, not mine.

In exchange, I simply ask them to pass it forward. To eventually mentor a couple of other people and to organise a small event that would permit me to share my story with a wider audience. If I were a mathematical man, I would say that throughout this 3-4 month program, I would be giving these people 10 times as much of my energy and time than I ask them to give to others. And I do not ask anything for myself, yet some still feel that I ask too much of them.

I am not angry with these people and I wish to continue to speak with them just as much, but this has brought me to realize that they have failed, for the moment, to realize that happiness and success is about giving. And if we break this cycle, there will eventually be nothing left for us to receive in exchange, so we are ultimately our own worst enemies. But it is alright, I have faith that it simply is “not their time” and that they are not ready to pick the fruit of happiness and success, maybe the fruit is not ripe yet?

All that I can wish for you is that sooner than later, you realize that your happiness and success resides in you giving to others more than you ask to receive. I for one, give so much to others, and ask for nothing in exchange, nothing for myself that is; I do however ask that those who received what I gave to them, continue the cycle and give to others.

Happiness and success are waiting around the corner for you to simply give yourself to others, do not be afraid that the universe at large will not take care of you in exchange, it is the natural pattern of life.

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give” – Winston Churchill

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Nikolaï RAY, personal development companion and leadership 2.0 specialist

Mentor | Author | Speaker


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