The Hood or the ‘Burbs – spoken word poetry

What is a community where the self-respect is overshadowed by the decay

And the children no longer play the way they used to play

A place where the three pillars of society are a forty, a blunt and a gat

You walk down the street mindin’ your own business, all of a sudden you under attack


Hustlers, pimps and macs, all self-proclaimed street entrepreneurs, or so they say

Is it me or did these once beautiful people simply cease to believe and have lost their way

But who are we to judge?

Yes, we dress up in courts with our fake hair, dark robes, fabricated laws, who says we don’t have a grudge

Entrepreneurs from the burbs don’t go to jail, don’t get shot and don’t sell drugs


When you’re part of the ruling class, it’s legitimate to become a pharmacist and push pills

When you’re ancestors were slaves and servants you allowed to stay illiterate and expected to kill

But I say the burbs are’nt better, the streets are’nt cleaner, and your conscience should be deeper

Whether you studied for a ph.d or grew up listening to the words of the all mighty Heavy D


One thing is true,

one thing is right,

we all need to be better,

every day and throughout the night

A crime is not only a crime when you get caught,

A good deed is not only a good deed when you get props


To the men in black business suits,

to the homiz in blood red or crypt blue

to the boys in white jump suits,

to the cops in black and blue,


Enough is enough,

the time to elevate our minds, spirits and souls has come

If you from the hood or from the burbs,

if you black or white, yellow, green or even a kurd,


It’s not important to show that your tough,

but it is time for you to believe that change starts with one!

Listen to that drum, don’t pick up that gun,

the time for you to follow me has now come,

don’t do it just for your father, think of your son!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Nikolaï RAY, personal development companion and leadership 2.0 specialist

Mentor | Author | Speaker


Please let me know what you think or if you have anything to add

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