A new paradigm for personal development

We, people, suffer from a common problem, ever so present in this day and age of scientific, technological and material evolution. We forget to work on our own personal evolution, we are so busy with everything outside of ourselves; iphones, computers, cars, houses, bank accounts, diplomas and degrees, retirement funds, vacations in the south etc.

Our major deficiency with regards to overall consistent happiness, peacefulness, success and ultimately high performance or full human potential is due to the lack of communication between our four “brains”;especially the lack of communication, connection and even awareness of them.

Now before you get all defensive and argumentative with me, please allocate me the chance to explain myself as you preserve an open mind.

Human beings have what I call 4 brains, or 4 levels on which some sort of intelligence is functioning. There is the logical brain (rationalizing mathematical and cognitive intelligence), the limbic brain (emotions) and the reptilian brain (primal instincts and reflexes).

When a situation arises like having to give a presentation in front of hundreds of people, you can act or react in accordance with one of the three brains listed above.

If you are using (or being used by) your reptilian brain, your heart will be pounding, butterflies roaming in your stomach and possibly faint. This is a primal instinct, fight or flight, and you fled (just as an example, I am sure you would fight, right?).

If you were to respond with your limbic brain, you would feel a build up of emotion (fear, excitement, etc) which would eventually be released; you might scream at an assistant or start fidgeting a lot. Even worse, your limbic brain might send the job back down to your reptilian brain; back to step 1.

As for your neo-cortex, your logical brain, it might reason with you by reminding you how well prepared you are, “Hey! You’ve got this man!” or remind you how unprepared you are and then send the info back down to the limbic brain which could deal with it or send it once again down to the reptilian brain.

Every once and a while, you might be able to get the limbic and reptilian brains to send the information up, to the logical brain, but only very rarely does this occur and this requires much discipline and taming.

Sounds like one big clutter of disarray, doesn’t it? Total lack of equilibrium and harmony; we seem to have been conceived just to be chaotic and conflicting.

This is why yogis, Buddhists, Taoists, monks, true martial artists, gurus and personal development experts have been trying to increase your awareness about your fourth brain; they just might not have been communicating it in a simple scientific way or in a way that you are ready to receive.

What about the fourth brain? That’s right; I left it out for a reason. Did you think I just went up and forgot about it?

The fourth brain is the visceral brain, the center point of your body. This is where true universal energy is at its strongest; Japanese call it “ki”, Chinese  call it “chi”, Vietnamese call it “khi”, indians (from India) know it as “prana” or “kundalini”, mystics describe it as “spirit” and even some religious people may regard it as “soul”. Whatever the label you decide to tag it with, it is there, your connection to the non-physical dimension of the universe. It does not act or react upon emotion, logic nor instincts; it digests all these with the patience and wisdom only possible on a plane of reality where time and space are non-existent. When the other brains communicate with it, and then acts or reacts based on your true nature, your purpose, your core values, your universal intelligence, your intuition.

The problem that I am trying to reveal here is that for most people, the 3 encephalitic brains do not communicate with your visceral brain. Why? Because we have forgotten how to do this, some say it is because we live in an ego-materialistic driven world where we see anything outside of ourselves as “its”. Your ego recognizes your neighbour as an “it” in relation to you, your car is an “it”, anything that is not you is automatically an “it”. Now I am not knocking the ego and I am certainly not professing that it must be eliminated, but we must reconnect our “head brains” to our “universal brain”. The three brains above our shoulders exist and understand only that which is relative, touchable or measurable; the physical realm. But as quantum physics has showed us scientifically, underlying our physical world is the non-physical realm. This is the realm of absolute, universal, cosmic and any other term you may be accustomed to; we’re talking reality at the subatomic level.

So, in lay man’s terms, when spiritual guides and self-help gurus talk about “elevating your consciousness”, “being in the now”, “increasing your awareness”, “changing your “vibrational frequency”,  “cultivating universal energy”, “connecting with your spirit or your soul”, finding your true purpose or your true nature; they are all talking about connecting your encephalitic brains (logical, limbic, reptilian) to your visceral brain, your center. Allowing it to regain control of your “self” rather than having the upper three brains in charge.

How, you ask?

The simplest way is through meditation. The three “head brains” are very externally focused whereas the visceral brain is internal. Meditation is the simplest method of turning your focus inwards therefore progressively increasing your awareness, your recognition of this deeper “you”.

Meditation, yoga, tai-chi, qi-gong, Japanese tea ceremony, calligraphy, shin shin toitsu aikido, Feldenkrais method, and existential self-contemplation are but some of the scientifically or empirically proven methods of connecting to this deeper brain. Only once you manage to rediscover this brain and reconnect it with the other three may you start living at your full potential, living a life that is truly exceptional, and becoming a master of living. This is what distinguishes what I call “leaders”, “kaizen warriors”, visionaries, masters and “free-thinking renegades”. Their 4 states of intelligence have been unified and they are aware of these forces.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Nikolaï RAY, personal development companion and leadership 2.0 specialist

Mentor | Author | Speaker

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