“Intention Crafting” and Inspiration rather than “Goal Setting” and Motivation

I spend my days researching happiness and success all the while sharing what I discover with all of you. Now, we are all very familiar with “goal-setting”. If you are like me, you most have likely had many failures using this method. Making lists of goals, with set dates and solid outcomes. Ever since I have focused on crafting intentions rather than focusing on goals, I seem to succeed more consistently. Setting a goal is somewhat unrealistic and egoistic. I, for one, am not a psychic nor can I control the parameters of the future. Therefore, establishing a set list of parameters and outcomes for the future (goals) is pretty difficult for me, what about you? For some, the difference between goals and intentions my seem like a small difference, but I believe that the distinction is quite immense.

In a society where we are wealthier, more well-fed and safer than ever, we seem to be generally unhappy and exist with an absence of inspiration.

The personal development industry is one of the biggest money makers and there are literally thousands of self-help experts, many focusing on two external and ephemeral subjects: Goal-Setting and Motivation.

Here are some subtle yet important differences between goal-setting in relation to Intention-Crafting (a special thanks to Brian Grasso of FTR-Nation for explanation) :

“A Goal has a rigid outcome of which there is one

An Intention dynamic and therefore has none 


A Goal is a destination to which you must match

An Intention a mere journey from which you detach 


A Goal is a specific blueprint to which you avow 

An Intention a sublime mystery which you give faith to allow 


Goals force you to control all factors in motion

Intentions comes naturally when you push on the ocean”

I would love to add that I spent all morning meditating and taking the time to reflect upon these words as I often do when I read anything Brian publishes.

The epitome of the realisation that emerged from my meditation was that “INTENTIONS” are much more profound and ever-lasting than “GOALS”. “INTENTIONS” are also spiritually “truer”, meaning that they do not impose judgement, space/time constraints and they are intrinsic rather than “GOALS” which are very extrinsically fuelled.

“INTENTIONS” emanate from the direction of your soul/spirit/heart/deep being/ or whatever term rocks your boat. They precede “ACTIONS” which are the direction of the movement of your physical being; your body. Therefore, “ACTIONS” birthed from “INTENTIONS” allow the flow of energy to be free and ever present because they maintain the coordination of Mind-Body-Spirit.

Just as “INSPIRATION” is a profoundly deep fire, purpose or calling that is really ever-present and ever-existing in comparison to “MOTIVATION” which is generally external and temporary.

My point is that if happiness and true life-success are to be continually present in your everyday life, shifting your focus towards “INTENTION CRAFTING” more so than “GOAL-SETTING” and taking the time to invest in your “INSPIRATION” rather than simply always trying to “MOTIVATE” yourself is most likely a step in the natural direction that your soul has been longing for.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Nikolaï RAY, personal development companion and leadership 2.0 specialist

Mentor | Author | Speaker

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