Vacuity – an excerpt from my upcoming book “FATHER”

Then his son asked him, what about vacuity?

And he spoke:

Vacuity is your natural state of being.

Your mind would have you believe that you are every word you speak, every move you make and every little thing you do.

But what comes from ether and returns to ether is of the non-physical realm.

Your true “being” resides in the silence between every spoken word, expresses itself in every resting moment between movements when one might assume that “nothing is going on”. And every action that you do not put into your play births the wonders that marvel the cosmic audience and therefore breathes life into your magnum opus. The wondrous beauty of our tour de forces ultimately come to be through our imperfections and life’s blemishes.

Accept hardships as you would accept the imperfect asymmetries of my ever-so-loving face. Judge not those who are less desirable just as you judge not the man I am. Resist not against all that which you did not yearn to be as you will overlook such majestic occasions to experience expansion at its purest state; yet how does expansion manifest in absence of contraction, or how do we know of light if we have never been acquainted with darkness? And remember, he who is busy labeling containers finds neither the time nor the place to wonder about their contents, their origins, and their possibilities.

Those who are entrapped by the dealings of the ego, who be slaves to reasoning and logic, would have you strive and struggle for happiness and success, as if you were a rabbit chasing a carrot.

But forget not my son that happiness and success are not defined by external objects nor by situations, rather they are a manifestation of you simply being. When you are able to live in the place where your natural fire forms from the ether, the place that is not a place, where you spirit exists but yet does not exist, you will simply Be.

And as you are passing through this world on your ship, you will not judge the waves nor will you name the shores you pass by. They simply are and you simply be. The storms are not good or bad, they simply are. The turbulent waters are neither good nor bad, they are. The fruitful islands are no more joyous than the desolate wastelands are “rabat-joie”.

Just as I hope that you confine not your “self”, jump not on the bandwagon with those who label and compartmentalise all things as good or evil. Fall not into the trap of sketching boundaries throughout this world, for we live a physical manifestation of that which is non-physical. Good and bad are constructs of the human psyche just as are space and time; allow these guides to serve you but let them not direct your life.

Alas, accept all as is. Be at peace with the knowing that the sun will rise again just as the moon will reveal its body once more. Know that a tempest has its place among this world just as does a soothing summer breeze or the loving smile of a mother.

Be here, be now, be.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Nikolaï RAY, personal development companion and leadership 2.0 specialist

Mentor | Author | Speaker

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