ReEnergizing Fridays – Flower Meditation

The Flower Meditation is a powerful yet simple way of meditating. Give it a try this weekend, you might discover a very easy practice that will enhance your life, reduce your stress, increase your energy and bring you to a state of mind where you will be embedded with peace and harmony. You don’t believe me? I dare you to try it!

You can do this meditation for only 5 minutes or you can do it for an hour. Duration is not important, do what feels good to you.

First, choose a flower, just one flower. It must be erect in its natural position.

Second, find a quiet place to sit. You can sit on a chair, but make sure that you are sitting up straight and that your back is not touching the chair. Ideally, you will place the flower so that it is at around eye-level, 15 to 20 inches from your face. Make sure that you have the flower in your visual field without having to be in an uncomfortable position.

Third, take a couple of slow, deep breaths. Make sure that you are breathing from your lower belly; your chest should not be moving. With the exhalations, release any unnecessary tension, especially in the muscles of your neck, face, jaw and shoulders. Feel the stability of your feet connecting with the earth. Feel your spine naturally lifting, rising up out of your pelvis, like the stem of a flower, rising up out of its vase. Maintain this position throughout the meditation.

Fourth, allow your gaze to focus gently on the flower. Move from focusing deeply on the details of the flower to simply widening your gaze as you appreciate the flower as part of the wider room or area.

Fifth, feel that your eyes, in their receptive mode, are drinking in the color, shape, scent and healing energy of the flower. Allow this healing energy to flow into your eyes, and from your eyes into every cell of your body.

Now, generate feelings of thanks and gratefulness for this flower, allow yourself to marvel at its beauty.

When you’re ready to end the practice, allow your eyes to gently close. See if you can still feel the presence of the flower in front of you. Then take a couple of deep, slow breaths, bringing your attention fully back into your own body. Rest quietly for a minute or two, noticing the effects of the practice, and then open your eyes. Thank the flower for its presence and for sharing its beauty with you.

If throughout this practice, your mind wanders, simply accept this and smile. Then refocus on the flower and relax your body.

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Nikolaï RAY, personal development companion and leadership 2.0 specialist

Mentor | Author | Speaker

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