The role of leaders in companies despite the fact that leadership is not a role

I was inspired to write this article thanks to Stephanie Gehman’s article that you can find HERE.

Times are tough, or so the “experts” say. I just think that times have changed and that many companies are failing to adapt to the new realities of society.

Many companies invest in employee well-being and education. One thing that has become very popular is leadership training at the management level. Let’s face it, most employees generally assume that because someone is at the management level, they are automatically a leader.

The point that I am looking for you, dear reader, to pull out from my prose is that being a manager is a “role”, “position”, “label” or “title”. I suggest that you think more deeply about leadership, for it is none of these; it is a way of life.

Being a manager does not signify that one is a leader. You can however be a leader without being a manger. And this is where business and life get interesting.

Imagine a company, big or small, where all of the employees are leaders regardless of their role. You would have a cohesive group of inspired people working at a level of excellence usually attributed to people who have refined their art and work masterfully.

  • Leaders know who they truly are; they are in tune to their passions, their purpose and live in the present moment, doing everything to the best of their ability and will full awareness. Therefore their direction is always true and their motives guided by integrity. They know their strengths and apply them. They know their weaknesses and ask for help.
  • Leaders are inspired, therefore they inspire others… motivation becoming a simple by-product from an unlimited source.
  • Leaders know the why – and as Simon Sinek (see his blog here) so eloquently expressed, companies who advance from a place of “why” are successful beyond belief. This leads them to innovate and blow up the “status-quo”.
  • Leaders live in a state of grace, with humility, compassion, non-judgement and mindfulness. They never stop learning and are willing to admit their mistakes. They also see everything with an eye of positivity and potential.
  • Leaders create more leaders rather than followers. This is where employees become fully engaged in the enterprise.

Now, who would not want to live and work at this level? Who would not want to be in a company filled with these kinds of employees, management level or not? And finally, who would not want to be a client or customer of such a company?

Business this way would be great, and life even greater!

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Nikolaï RAY, personal development companion and leadership 2.0 specialist
Mentor | Author | Speaker         
A personal development companion?
A personal development companion is similar to a “life coach” but is also quite different. A person such as myself does not direct or coach the development of his client, rather he learns about him or her by listening and truly learning about who he or she is. The PDC will then share what he has learned from his own experiences and pass on the wisdom he has gained, allowing the client to forge his own path rather than follow the PDC’s “truth”. This may seem like a small nuance but the results are astounding. Just as we need a mirror to see our own face, the personal development companion serves as a mirror that reflects the deep self of the client and who he or she can be. This PDC-Client relationship is a non hierarchical one where dominance and superiority are non existant, therefore this very natural flowing method of guiding allows the room and freedom for open-mindedness and humility which in turns increases the chances of the client discovering his path of happiness and success.

 If you are interested in my services, whether it in the form of personal development companion, conferences, or retreats, please go to Services page of this website and I will be more than happy to share whatever I can with you.

What is leadership 2.0?
We, as human beings, all have the capability of being leaders. Leadership is an intrinsic quality that resides within everyone and is simply waiting to be expressed and shared. You certainly do not need a title in order to be a leader since leadership power is not attributed by external sources, rather it is fueled by an inner vision and mission of a better self. Furthermore, leadership is when one expresses and shares the best of themselves in service of others therefore positively impacting the world around them. “Give a fish to a man and he will be fed for a day, teach a man how to fish and he will be fed for a lifetime, teach a man how to teach others to fish and he will feed a whole community”. A leader is therefore someone who creates other leaders just as autonomous as himself and who then perpetuates this leadership cycle.

To learn more about Leadership 2.0, please visit the website of the International Society of Exceptional Leaders, a network of people from all kinds of  professions and from all over the world who lead a life of leadership.

Please let me know what you think or if you have anything to add

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