Cup of Tea for your Soul: 3 keys to living a life on purpose

Three keys to living a happy and successful life, on purpose, are to be who you feel you are rather than who you think you are suppose to be, do what you feel good doing rather than do what you are simply good at doing and befriend those who you feel good around rather than be with those who simply hang out with you.

Be who you feel and know you are: So many of us try to be someone we are not. Maybe you know deep inside that you are an artist or a writer, wishing to live a simple life rather than your hectic 70 hour work week in an office just to live this lavish lifestyle that is accessorized by a downtown condo and a brand new Mercedes.

Do what you feel good doing and know you are meant to do: Many of us have followed a path down life because we were good at something. I have a friend that became an accountant, because mathematics were quite easy for him growing up and he just followed that train. But he is quite unhappy because he always loved wildlife and would have loved to have become a park ranger. Being good at something often is just a “skill”, whereas truly loving something and feeling masterful doing it, even though you are not the best at it, is where true “talent” resides. Express your talents rather than being a slave to your skills.

Befriend those who you feel good around and are meant to know: Oftentimes, the roots of our friendships go back to when we were kids or students. I describe these relationships as being based on proximity or affiliation. Proximity meaning you grew up in the same neighbourhood and affiliation meaning you went to the same school, studied the same program, or played on the same sports team. Rather, as you evolve as a conscious and aware adult, you have the power to befriend people who you feel good around, people who they themselves live on purpose.

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Nikolaï RAY, personal development companion and leadership 2.0 specialist
Mentor | Author | Speaker         
A personal development companion?
A personal development companion is similar to a “life coach” but is also quite different. A person such as myself does not direct or coach the development of his client, rather he learns about him or her by listening and truly learning about who he or she is. The PDC will then share what he has learned from his own experiences and pass on the wisdom he has gained, allowing the client to forge his own path rather than follow the PDC’s “truth”. This may seem like a small nuance but the results are astounding. Just as we need a mirror to see our own face, the personal development companion serves as a mirror that reflects the deep self of the client and who he or she can be. This PDC-Client relationship is a non hierarchical one where dominance and superiority are non existant, therefore this very natural flowing method of guiding allows the room and freedom for open-mindedness and humility which in turns increases the chances of the client discovering his path of happiness and success.

 If you are interested in my services, whether it in the form of personal development companion, conferences, or retreats, please go to Services page of this website and I will be more than happy to share whatever I can with you.

What is leadership 2.0?
We, as human beings, all have the capability of being leaders. Leadership is an intrinsic quality that resides within everyone and is simply waiting to be expressed and shared. You certainly do not need a title in order to be a leader since leadership power is not attributed by external sources, rather it is fueled by an inner vision and mission of a better self. Furthermore, leadership is when one expresses and shares the best of themselves in service of others therefore positively impacting the world around them. “Give a fish to a man and he will be fed for a day, teach a man how to fish and he will be fed for a lifetime, teach a man how to teach others to fish and he will feed a whole community”. A leader is therefore someone who creates other leaders just as autonomous as himself and who then perpetuates this leadership cycle.

To learn more about Leadership 2.0, please visit the website of the International Society of Exceptional Leaders, a network of people from all kinds of  professions and from all over the world who lead a life of leadership.


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