What is your “Purpose For Existing”?

As I walk my own path in life, I have experienced several intensely inspiring events and I have also survived a number of near-death experiences. To my amazement, some of these occurrences are one in the same, meaning that there have been occasions in my life where I nearly died but at the same time, the my inner fire was sparked and out of it came a fire that burned so powerfully that all the firemen in the universe would not even dare confront it.

No matter how I chose to look at the events, they all directed me to the same question: why? Why am I here? Why do I exist? Why do I do what I do? Why don’t I do what I don’t do? Why am I who I am and why do I want to become who I dream of becoming? Why do I want that or why do I want this?

These questions are all peas in the same pod. They are intersections of the web of “Purpose for Existing” or your PFE.

Some people discover their PFE quite young, naturally. Others need various life experiences, often less than desirable, to act as a trigger launching a cascade of events leading to the questioning and discovering of one’s PFE. Finally, some go through life living a relatively superficial existence and never were lead to ask these very “real” questions.

So I ask you, what is your why? What is your PFE, your “Purpose for Existing”? Relax, reflect and ponder this question. Why? And every time you are able to answer, ask the answer “why” too!

Is the life that you are living the life that wants to live through you?

Purpose is like an “X” on a treasure map. Once you realize that you’re life is like a treasure island, the minute you start asking deep questions, a treasure map will appear. And when you start asking yourself “Why?”, the “X” on the map will appear. And what credible pirate could hold a treasure map in his hands and not search for the treasure, the “X”?

I know that you might be confused by now, but you know deep down inside your gut that you are not confused. You are just trying to play the oblivious card, but you know that your PFE is lurking just around the corner.

And you do not really need to search for it. Just take some quiet time to ask your “why”?.

You will realize that your purpose is a current flowing through you and has always been present, like blood flowing through your veins. You must let it flow, and simply increase your awareness become conscious that it is there under your skin. Trust that if you do not tense your body and focus on the “why”, your purpose will flow through you just like your blood flows through you at this exact moment in time, it is so natural…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Nikolaï RAY, personal development companion and leadership 2.0 specialist
Mentor | Author | Speaker         
A personal development companion?
A personal development companion is similar to a “life coach” but is also quite different. A person such as myself does not direct or coach the development of his client, rather he learns about him or her by listening and truly learning about who he or she is. The PDC will then share what he has learned from his own experiences and pass on the wisdom he has gained, allowing the client to forge his own path rather than follow the PDC’s “truth”. This may seem like a small nuance but the results are astounding. Just as we need a mirror to see our own face, the personal development companion serves as a mirror that reflects the deep self of the client and who he or she can be. This PDC-Client relationship is a non hierarchical one where dominance and superiority are non existant, therefore this very natural flowing method of guiding allows the room and freedom for open-mindedness and humility which in turns increases the chances of the client discovering his path of happiness and success.

 If you are interested in my services, whether it in the form of personal development companion, conferences, or retreats, please go to Services page of this website and I will be more than happy to share whatever I can with you.

What is leadership 2.0?
We, as human beings, all have the capability of being leaders. Leadership is an intrinsic quality that resides within everyone and is simply waiting to be expressed and shared. You certainly do not need a title in order to be a leader since leadership power is not attributed by external sources, rather it is fueled by an inner vision and mission of a better self. Furthermore, leadership is when one expresses and shares the best of themselves in service of others therefore positively impacting the world around them. “Give a fish to a man and he will be fed for a day, teach a man how to fish and he will be fed for a lifetime, teach a man how to teach others to fish and he will feed a whole community”. A leader is therefore someone who creates other leaders just as autonomous as himself and who then perpetuates this leadership cycle.

To learn more about Leadership 2.0, please visit the website of the International Society of Exceptional Leaders, a network of people from all kinds of  professions and from all over the world who lead a life of leadership.

Please let me know what you think or if you have anything to add

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